Family Crest Rings

Engraved with your Family Coat of Arms, family motto or surname.

The Face of the crest ring
One of the most important part of the crest ring is the face, this is where most of the engraving is carried out. The shield which is taken from the Coat of Arms is engraved close to the center of the ring, then above that you will have the helmet and the crest and below on a heraldic banner, some will have the family motto or the family surname.

Jewelry has been used for thousands of years as a form of personal decoration.
Made of precious materials, such as gold and silver, and often set with precious gems,
jewelry is an indicator of wealth. By extension, it is also an indicator of status,
both in times past and today. However, jewelry can also carry with it knowledge
and power depending upon what is depicted on it. Family crest rings are such pieces
of jewelry that communicate facts about your family history, symbols and values
through the depiction of your family crest. Depending upon your family’s status in history,
family crest rings can also radiate power or speak of wealth.


The Development of the Family Crest
The practice of wearing family crest rings began hundreds of years ago for the purpose
of communicating one’s wealth, status and ancestral roots. These heraldic rings were often
worn by lords of manors and other members of the nobility. The family crest as you may think
of it today did not originally stand on its own. The closest example we have of a family crest apart
from a coat of arms in the middle ages is the heraldic badge worn by Scottish clan members,
which incorporated the crest, shield and motto. Over time, this is what the modern family crest
came to be. Originally, however, it was a component of the family coat of arms, in which it appeared atop the helm,
a spot it traditionally held on medieval battle helmets. At first used for personal identification alone,
it gradually developed its own significance, enough to stand on its own as a family identifier.

Family Crest Rings: Practical and Beautiful
Today, family crest rings serve both practical and stylistic functions.
They are objects of beauty that you can wear to show your familial connections and pride in your heritage.
In many societies, they still act as status symbols, an immediate identifier of one’s social class.
Family crest rings make exceptional gifts for both men and women, regardless of their social status or
nature of their family history. Family crest rings are about displaying your pride in your family history,
heritage and genealogy; in your ancestors, who shaped your family unit and family values.
They reflect both the beautiful legacy of medieval heraldry and pageantry and your family’s heraldic history.

A Coat of Arms is sometimes also called a Family Shield, Family Seal or Family Crest.

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