Family Seal Rings

Jewelry has been a popular form of adornment since the
prehistoric era. That which we consider ‘heraldic’ began
cropping up following the turn of the tenth century.

Family seal rings stemmed out of the practice of knights
who wore crests and coats of arms on their armour to
distinguish them from other combatants.

The knights began wearing these heraldic symbols on
other devices, such as badges, and jewelry for pride and personal vanity.

Historical Practicality
Family seal rings, also known as signet rings, however,
were not only worn to feed pride and personal vanity;
they were also used for the practical purpose of sealing
and authenticating documents.

Seal rings were created by engraving a crest or coat of arms on the top, flat side of the ring.
The emblem was designed as a mirror image of itself, essentially in reverse, so that it appeared
correctly when pressed into hot wax. Family seal or signet rings were designed and worn by the nobility,
partly because they could afford luxuries and party because one had to be noble to wear a coat of arms.

Family Seal Rings: Beautiful and Practical
Today, family seal rings are worn as a source of family pride and as a tribute to your family heritage.
Many individuals still use family seal rings to seal letters and other documents,
as a means to identify themselves as the sender and to authenticate the documents.
Generally, however, family seal rings are worn as status symbols and a representation of one’s family heritage.

Family Seal Rings
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You can celebrate your family heritage and show pride in your roots by sporting a beautiful ring,
etched with your family seal, crest, shield or coat of arms. This not only speaks to your family pride
and history but also evokes the magnificence of the medieval world, its pageantry and heraldry.

The Gift for Any Occasion
Family seal rings, available in gold or silver, make the perfect gift for any occasion, such as graduation,
Christmas or birthdays. They are a means of commemorating family history and heritage and also the
important events that occur in the recipients’ and givers’ lives which add to that history and heritage.

A Coat of Arms is sometimes also called a Family Shield, Family Seal or Family Crest.

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